Military Shuttle Transportation

Revolutionizing Military Base & Troop Transportation


Discover Unparalleled Efficiency & Reliability with Spring Bird! Our uniform fleet, featuring top-tier models from New Flyer, Gillig, and Thomas Built Buses, is meticulously selected to transform troop transportation within military bases into a model of excellence and dependability.

The Spring Bird Advantage in Military Transportation

Why Settle for Less? Spring Bird understands the unique challenges of military transportation. Our buses are not just vehicles; they are fortified, secure, and spacious solutions designed to keep our armed forces mobile and ready at all times. These buses have been specifically designed to withstand many more miles than your typical suburban bus transport, while meeting the comfort needs of both the passengers and the driver.

Our Elite Fleet: Power, Comfort, and Versatility

Choose Excellence! From the robust and roomy New Flyer to the versatile Gillig models and the unyielding strength of Thomas Built Buses, our fleet is a showcase of best-in-class transportation. Experience the difference with each journey.

Unmatched Safety and Security: A Spring Bird Promise

Your Safety, Our Priority. With advanced safety technologies and reinforced structures, our buses are more than just your transportation vehicle; they are fortresses on wheels, ensuring the highest level of safety for our troops. They are put through the federally mandated Altoona testing grounds and are certified to exceed over 500,000 miles of operation.

Leading the Way in Technological Innovation

Eco-Friendly, Efficient, and Tech-Savvy. Our buses are not just about transportation; they're about smart, eco-conscious travel. Equipped with low-emission engines and state-of-the-art GPS systems, we're setting new standards in efficient military transport. If you need on-board video surveillance, we can meet those needs as well.

Tailored to Your Mission: Customization at Its Best

Your Mission, Our Design. Every military operation is unique, and so should be your transportation. Spring Bird specializes in customizing buses to fit the specific needs of your base, from communication enhancements to strategic seating layouts. ADA Compliance is also provided in each bus to ensure operations run smoothly while providing the comfort to those who require special accommodations.

Reliability Beyond Purchase: Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Our Commitment Doesn't End with the Sale. Spring Bird's comprehensive maintenance and rehabilitation services ensure your fleet remains road-ready, reliable, and robust, no matter the mission's demands.

Unwavering Support for Our Heroes

We're More Than a Provider; We're a Partner. Spring Bird is dedicated to your mission's success. Our ongoing support and training services are a testament to our unwavering commitment to the heroes who protect us.


Join Forces with Spring Bird. Embrace the future of military base and troop transportation. Contact us today to experience a partnership that brings efficiency, safety, and reliability to every mission.